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What Are HPMC Capsules?

Jun. 15, 2021

What Are HPMC Capsules?

HPMC capsule is a medicine with capsule body and capsule cap with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose as the main component.

It is a safe drug for human consumption and a good alternative to gelatin capsules because of the source of vegetables.

Reasons for using HPMC capsules

HPMC capsules are easy to swallow because it masks the terrible taste and smell of the active ingredients inside.

It is a substitute for organic and natural medicine to enter the human body.

It provides a good choice for people who do not consume animal products, such as vegetarians.

This is a perfect choice for people who follow a strict religious diet because it is kosher and halal.

It has a considerable moisture content and maintains the integrity of the internal active capsule ingredients.

You can keep it for a long time without worrying about bacterial growth on HPMC capsules.

HPMC Vegetarian Capsule

HPMC Vegetarian Capsule

The capsules also come in different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors to meet different medical needs.

Allows the addition of certain ingredients that help delay disintegration.

Therefore, you can use it as a targeted drug, and it will only break down when it reaches the right target.

It does not exhibit cross-linking problems because it has a polymer that is free of amino acids.

Flexible films with different sizes allow rapid dissolution in different solutions at different temperatures.

It is free of preservatives, starch, allergens, and gluten, thus making it a healthy alternative medicine management.

Disadvantages of HPMC vegetable capsules

Some reasons you might choose to ignore HPMC capsules include:

The manufacturing cost of HPMC capsules is higher than other capsules, such as gelatin capsules.

The main ingredients of HPMC capsules are usually not easy to find, so the manufacturing process is complicated.

The walls of HPMC capsules are much weaker than gelatin cells, which prompts you to handle them more carefully.

If the daily dosage is not observed, it may cause side effects to some users.

HPMC capsules take longer to decompose and therefore take longer to deliver pain relief.

Side effects of HPMC capsules

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose capsules may have a particularly bad effect on the body.

Although not all side effects will occur, you may experience the following side effects:

Vision problems may include blurred vision, decreased vision or, in extreme cases, loss of vision.

In addition, you may have other less eye problems, including:

Pain or redness of pulsating eyes

Eyes are sensitive to light causing frequent tears

There is a white effusion on the iris but this is rare.

Side effects are special cases, and you can easily contact certain types of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

It is important to seek proper medical attention if you experience any side effects.

Application of HPMC capsules in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, you can use HPMC capsules for the following purposes:

HPMC capsules help deliver drugs with nausea and unpleasant taste and smell.

This is because it has a better smell to cover up unpleasant smells and tastes.

You can also use HPMC as a visualization agent, bioadhesive, coating polymer, adhesive and solid dispersion for better solubility.

Due to the delayed nature of HPMC, it is a targeted drug capsule suitable for administration.

HPMC capsules will only decompose after reaching the target.

It is the main way to provide supplements to the body, especially the ingredients that react with gelatin.

As a substitute for gelatin, it provides an opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to serve vegans.

Thanks to HPMC capsules, vegetarians and people who follow a strict religious diet can now get their drugs in capsule form.

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